Aims & Scope


Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology

eISSN: 2345-5004

Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology (J Herbmed Pharmacol) is a multidisciplinary journal publishing manuscripts in the fields of medicinal plants, pharmacology, and therapeutic. The journal focus is on the research, teaching, and application of medicinal plants for the treatment of diseases. Therefore, our subject area and categories include “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, “Plant Science”, and “Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous)” among the others.

This journal aims to reach all relevant national and international medical institutions and persons in electronic version free of charge.

J Herbmed Pharmacol has pursued this aim through publishing editorials, original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, commentaries, letters to the editor, hypothesis, case reports, epidemiology and prevention, news, and views. In this journal, particular emphasis is given to research, both experimental and clinical, aimed at the protection/prevention of diseases. A further aim of this journal is to emphasize and strengthen the link between herbalists and pharmacologists. In addition, J Herbmed Pharmacol welcomes basic biomedical as well as pharmaceutical scientific research applied to clinical pharmacology. Contributions in any of these formats are invited for editorial consideration following peer review by at least two experts in the field.