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2016, Volume 5, Issue 3,

 Mini Review pp. 89 - 91  
  Herbal medicines: a new hope for autism therapy
  Sadegh Rezapour, Mahmoud Bahmani, Omid Afsordeh, Reza Rafieian, Ali Sheikhian
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 Original Article pp. 92 - 98  
  Gastroprotective effect of plumbagin and ethanolic extract of plumbaginales in experimentally-induced ulcer
  Sibi Ittiyavirah, Ann Paul
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 Original Article pp. 99 - 102  
  Effect of green tea on inflammation and oxidative stress in cisplatin-induced experimental liver function
  Nilofar Amidi, Shirin Moradkhani, Mahsa Sedaghat, Nejat Khiripour, Amir Larki-Harchegani, Nahid Zadkhosh, Mahmoud Mirhoseini, Akram Ranjbar
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 Original Article pp. 103 - 106  
  Haemolytic and immunoadjuvant effect of Butea frondosa on the immune response to hepatitis B vaccine containing surface antigen in mice
  Amit Gupta, Sushama Chaphalkar
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 Original Article pp. 107 - 111  
  Combined effects of fungal β-glucan and Zataria multiflora essential oil on phagocytosis in Balb/C mice
  Hojjatollah Shokri, Alireza Khosravi
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 Original Article pp. 112 - 115  
  Antibacterial activity and ciprofloxacin-potentiation property of Berberis vulgaris asperma stem extracts on pathogenic bacteria
  Azizollah Ebrahimi, Mohadaseh Chavoshpour, Mohamad Reza Mahzoonieh, Sharareh Lotfalian
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 Original Article pp. 116 - 119  
  Hepatoprotective effect of the root extract of green tea against malathion-induced oxidative stress in rats
  Negar Mehri, Hamed Felehgari, Amir Larki Harchegani, Hamid Behrooj, Nejat Kheiripour, Hassan Ghasemi, Mahmoud Mirhoseini, Akram Ranjbar
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 Original Article pp. 120 - 124  
  Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive activities of flavonoids from medicinal plants
  Amit Gupta, Sushama Chaphalkar
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